Who should sign up for StayNeighbor?

Download StayNeighbor if you are in need of essential supplies during this crisis, or want to donate time or supplies to help neighbors in your community. 


How does StayNeighbor work?

At its root, StayNeighbor is a logistical coordinating tool for communities to optimize how resources and volunteers are mobilized. Through partnerships with community organizations, we are able to provide a central database of resources, based on the submission of donations through the StayNeighbor application. 


How can StayNeighbor help?

We currently offer five categories of items: food (meals and nonperishables), personal hygiene items, first aid supplies, PPE (personal protective equipment), as well as a catch-all category that includes batteries, kids’ items, and anything else you may need that we may be able to find for you. Some supplies, especially PPE, may have limited availability, but our team will find a way to meet your needs if possible.


How much does it cost?

Nothing! StayNeighbor is a non-profit, created and driven by volunteers. Our platform does not run ads, and will never sell your information. Your needs, safety, and privacy are our only priorities.


Does receiving items through StayNeighbor put me at risk for contracting COVID-19?

According to the CDC and FDA, current research says the risk of contracting viral infections from touching exposed packaging or food is very low. To further minimize risk, we ask drivers not to volunteer if they have symptoms of viral illness or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. Deliveries are contact-free to reduce the possibility of asymptomatic transmission. Our drivers also frequently wash their hands or use sanitizer, and clean the inside of their vehicle between deliveries.

Where is StayNeighbor available?

We are launching in a few pilot communities to start, including Katy, TX, St. Louis, MO, and Wilmington, NC, with plans to branch out to NYC and the rest of the US in the very near future. If we are not currently available in your community,, please consider contacting local food banks, churches, shelters, etc. for help. And sign up to volunteer if you can–we are building our network throughout the country!


How can I help?

You can volunteer to be a deliverer in your community, or a dispatcher to field requests and forward them to deliverers (dispatchers can work anywhere). If you can donate supplies, please reach out to local food banks, shelters, or other organizations. You can always ask them if they’re connected with StayNeighbor, and encourage them to link up if they’re not. We may also expand to work with individual donors, so stay tuned!

Can I volunteer as a deliverer if I’m on lockdown or ordered to “shelter in place?”

You should consult your individual state/county/city-wide orders for this information, as each place is different. Many lockdowns provide exceptions for those leaving home to help others. Others may not, and can result in fines or legal charges, so please ensure you are fully informed before volunteering to deliver supplies!


Have Questions?

No problem, please send us a message and we will help answer any lingering questions.